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Is Taking Out The Trash Any Way To Live Longer? (Really?)

Thanks to fitness-tracker accelerometers, researchers have learned more precisely the amount of physical activity it takes to live a longer, fitter life. Surprisingly, not much. Three studies that used accelerometers to measure participants’ activity  concluded in recent months that even the lightest regular physical activity — making a bed, taking [...]

How Hurricane Maria Caused Nationwide IV Bag Shortage

With a nationwide shortage of intravenous bags, clinical pharmacies across Hartford Healthcare are working to ensure patient care isn’t interrupted. The Wall Street Journal reported that the shortage began in September after a group of IV bag manufacturing plants in Puerto Rico lost power because of Hurricane Maria. The shortage [...]

In 2018, Make the “Good Life” A Priority

We’ve all heard the saying “A New Year, a new you.” But, as each year passes our bodies change. Aaron Russ is an exercise physiologist for the Good Life fitness program at the Hartford HealthCare Center for Healthy Aging. He explains how we can improve our overall health as we get older.  [...]

The Science Behind Walking On Winter Ice Without Slipping, Falling

Sometimes you just have to know when to walk like a penguin, as unsightly as it may seem. It could save a lot of pain and misery. With sub-freezing temperatures, black-ice parking lots and slick sidewalks, it’s time. Yes, the best way to avoid a fall — and possible injury [...]

Pain Specialist: Why Opioids Overuse Can Worsen Pain

As the opioid crisis continues to rage across America, pain treatment providers are playing an even larger role in offering effective non-narcotic pain relief to patients. “There are many effective non-opioid pain treatments,” says Dr. Michael Grille of the Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center.  “These are non-addictive treatments, and can [...]

Don’t Let Stress and Depression Interrupt Your Holidays

By Nicholas Arsenault Transitional Care Nurse, Hartford HealthCare at Home For many, the holidays are a time of togetherness, giving and being around those we love and cherish the most. But sometimes the holidays can bring about feelings that limit how much you enjoy this time of year. Stress and [...]

We Celebrate Our Residents Each and Every Day

Our elder community at Jerome Home is a source of life to each staff member and to each other. Their history and wisdom are essential to a progressive society and through the Therapeutic Recreation Program – we enable each resident at any stage of life to continue to give and share.

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A visit from the Surprize Squad

A team member at the Orchards of Southington got a visit from the local "Surprize Squad." And, boy, was she surprised!

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New Year - New You! How Hartford HealthCare's Good Life Fitness program can help you keep your new year's resolution!

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